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Instructor: Todd Macalady, Executive Director  

Southwest TTAP

1838 Commerce Dr, Lakeside, AZ 85929

Office: (602) 910-8367 

Email: /

Course Outline:


Components of a Skidsteer

Common Safety Devices

General Safety Precautions


Recognition of Emphasized Messages

Protective Equipment

Pre-shift Inspection

Stay Clear of Moving Parts

Potential Hazard Exposures

Safety Operating Procedures

General Safety Procedures

Potential Site Hazards

Operator Fundamentals

Emergency Situations

Are You Prepared?

Handling an Emergency

Front-End Loader Training

General Traffic Guidelines

Front-End Loader Guidelines

Pre-shift Inspection

Your Responsibility

Safe Operating

Motor Grader

Major Components

Controls & Instruments

Transmission Operation

Blade Positions

Operating TTP's

7 Step Military Road

Road Design

V-ditching Operations/Build a Road

Safety First

Benefits of Effective Preventative Maintenance

Share Rodway Issues & Solutions/Suggestions for Roadway Issues

Principles of a Good Road

Maintaining Gravel Roads

The Road & Its' Surroundings

​- Terrain

- Cross Slope

- Clear Zone

- Drainage

- Ditches

- Bridges/Culverts


-Traffic Pattern Changes

Setting Machine

Moldboard Setup





Blade Pitch & Angles

Retrieving Material


Proper Operating Speed

Cupped Blades


Heavy Equipment Training Course

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